PHI Confidential and Anonymous Hotlines

PHI has established three separate hotlines to report potential violations of our corporate policies or applicable laws.

PHI Financial/Accounting Hotline. The first hotline relates to financial, accounting, or auditing matters and is delivered to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. The SEC requires that PHI provide a facility for the receipt, retention and treatment of complaints received regarding accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters. Please feel free to contribute any comments through this interface regarding accounting matters.

PHI Corporate Compliance Hotline. The second hotline is dedicated to adhering to the highest ethical standards and to compliance with all applicable state and federal laws as well as foreign law where PHI does business. Among the applicable compliance areas covered are: Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Insider Trading, Conflict of Interest, Antitrust, Anti-Corruption, Intellectual Property and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) or Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Messages on this hotline are delivered to the Chief Compliance Officer.

PHI Air Medical LLC Compliance Hotline. The third hotline relates to compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations within the medical and ambulance industries. Messages on this hotline are delivered to the Compliance Officer, PHI Air Medical.

Confidential & Anonymous. All hotlines are maintained by an independent third party and all messages are encrypted prior to being forwarded. Your identity will remain anonymous unless you choose to identify yourself.

Please submit your concern to the appropriate hotline using one of the two methods below. Provide as much detail as possible to aid us in investigating the issue.


Secure Web Form

Click here to file your case using a secure and encrypted web form.

Secure Hotline

Click here to file your case using a secure hotline from any phone.

When you send a message using one of these methods, you will receive back a 14 to 16-digit code that can be used to access the status of your message. We may also use this to ask you, with complete confidentiality, for additional information regarding this issue.

To anonymously follow up on your message, please click here.