Any CPSI employee or third party who believes there may have been a violation of CPSI policy, law or other illegal or unethical business conduct relating to our business may report such violations anonymously by using the complaint form link below. We will document and evaluate your complaint, if warranted investigate it as appropriate, and take action as necessary to address the situation.

You may leave a message using the following Secure Web Form. Your message is encrypted and will be delivered directly to the Compliance Point of Contact.


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Secure Web Form

Click here to file your case using a secure and encrypted web form.

Once a complaint has been submitted, you will not be able to retrieve, edit or delete it. CPSI’s Compliance Point of Contact will receive notification that a complaint has been logged and will begin the investigation.

When you send a message using the Secure Web Form, you will receive back a 14 to 16-digit code that can be used to access the status of your message. The Compliance Point of Contact may also use this to ask you, with complete confidentiality, for additional information regarding this issue.

To anonymously follow up on your message, please click here.

CPSI is prohibited from retaliating against its officers, employees and agents who file a complaint, provide information, assist in an investigation, or participate in a proceeding concerning alleged violations. By law, you cannot be discharged, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed, or in any manner discriminated against by CPSI in the terms of conditions of your employment based upon any lawful action with respect to your good faith reporting of complaints regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, auditing, protected classes under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or otherwise as specified in Section 806 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and other state and federal law. Therefore, any officer, employee or agent may submit a good faith concern regarding potential violations or illegal or unethical business conduct without fear of dismissal or reprisal of any kind. For more information about CPSI’s anti-retaliation and anti-discrimination policies please review the Policy for Reporting Violations and Complaints.