Mercadolibre, Inc. Confidential and Anonymous Ethics Hotline

Our Code of Ethics seeks the highest levels of honesty, fairness and personal integrity in all our relationships with third parties and among our employees. We are committed to comply with all applicable laws and avoid inappropriate actions or omissions or conflicts of interest.

In order to guarantee these standards, we expect from our employees, collaborators and our business partners a high commitment on ethics.

If you become aware of any conduct of our employees that may represent a violation of laws and regulations, fraud, misrepresentations in our financial information or any other breach to our Code of Ethics, please raise the issue promptly through this ethics line. Your message will be encrypted and kept confidential and anonymous; you need not identify yourself at all.

All incoming messages will be reviewed and investigated ensuring that any reported situation is properly investigated and resolved.

You may leave a message using any one of two methods: Secure Web Form and Secure Hotline


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When you send a message using any of these methods, you will receive back a 14 to 16-digit code that can be used to access the status of your message. The area responsible for the investigation may also use this to ask you, with complete confidentiality, for additional information regarding this issue.

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Thank you.